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Hi, I'm Kayla.

To put it bluntly, I'm a weed.
A wolf among sheep.
A mildly deranged lunatic in a size 2, 22 year old body.
Porcelain skin, ocean eyes, tattoos.
I'm intelligent, well-spoken, creative, a dreamer.
I like space and the ocean and Harry Potter and cats.
I enjoy reading, painting, singing, acting, and baking.

Indiana native.
Destined for bigger and better things.
Brandon Coleman is the light of my life.
Bearded men, fashion, Italian food, sweet tea.
Halloween baby. Scorpio blood.

Get to know me.

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When all of my friends have a lot going for them


And I’m just like,


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jeepersitsthecreeper asked: Well, if it matters, the tattoos I've seen in your pics look awesome. I hope you post pics when you get your sleeve done. And, FWIW, nipple piercings would be super sexy (for you and the lucky few who get to see them)!

That’s what I’m thinking too!

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i hate the fact that i’m just fine.


i hate the fact that i’m just fine.

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jeepersitsthecreeper asked: Questions.. How many tattoos do you have? Do they have any meaning, or do you just like how they look? How many piercings? Any we "can't see"? Plans for anything new? Tattoos or piercings? Curiosity... :)

I have 8! They have personal meanings to me. I don’t have big long deep stories about them. But they all mean something! I have some tattoos on my sides that aren’t visible unless I’m showing them. I only have my ears, nose, and monroe done! I’m contemplating getting my nipples done! and I’m finishing up a half sleeve soon!

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